So added more than 300 new entries into their word base yesterday, and I’m rather tickled by some. It’s about time too, since many are already in Here are my favourite five, with examples of how I’d use them. For the actual definitions and how to pronounce them, just click on the words – I’ve hyperlinked the official pages.

1. Al Desko
How I would use it: Now that I’m no longer chained to my office table, I’ve said good bye to al desko meals! Woohoo!

2. Butthurt
How I would use it: Come on, that was just a joke. Stop acting all butthurt.

3. Lumbersexual
How I would use it: Nice face bush you’re growing there. Gunning for the lumbersexual look, huh?

4. Manspread (Also, did you know New York’s transit authority actually launched a campaign against manspreading one-plus year ago?)
How I would use it: Hoy. What’s up with the manspread? Close your legs – your balls don’t need that much space.

5. Presstitute
How I just used it, while talking to The Husband: Now there’s a word for journos with no integrity: Presstitute!

There you go. If you’re curious about the other entries, you can read’s announcement here.

Photo of reading creatures: ColiN00B

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