About Yuling Li

The short story:

I’m a Singapore-based writer and editor. I enjoy telling stories – not just in words, but pictures too. Always curious and almost always hungry, I have diverse interests ranging from cooking and gaming to rock climbing and scuba diving. I’ve written and edited extensively on health, fitness, food, nutrition, beauty, lifestyle, and travel… but I’m happy to create and work with great content on just about anything. You’ll find some of my published writings at liyuling.pressfolios.com and yulingli.pressfolios.com. I also doodle on a wacom, although I much prefer good old-fashioned pencil and paper. If you have an exciting project that you think I can help you with, write to me at yulesss[at]gmail[dot]com. I’d love to hear about it.

Still reading? Good. Here’s the long story (told chronologically): 

I’ve been writing professionally since 2007, when I joined a boutique advertising agency as a copywriter. I worked on advertising and marketing campaigns of various local and international brands, including Changi Airport and Miele among others. In 2008 I named a retro-themed hotel in Singapore (I’ll save the story of Hotel Re! for another time.)

Of the different projects I worked on, I realised I was most passionate about publishing. In 2009 I left my role as creative head to pursue that interest. As a journalist I covered the health, food, beauty, and lifestyle beats for Shape Singapore, a women’s active lifestyle magazine. Licensed from Meredith Corporation in the US, Shape has more than 10 different international editions. SPH Magazines publishes the Singapore edition. Within three years I was promoted to editor, and I headed the editorial team of Shape Singapore for four years.

Me at the Shape Singapore office. This was taken by a late friend of mine, Ray Ong, as part of his photo exhibition

Besides writing and editing, I set the content strategy and direction for Shape Singapore‘s different platforms: the 120-page monthly print & digital editions, website, and social media). I led the editorial revamp in 2011, digitisation in ’12, social media push in ’13, and website relaunch in ’14. (The job also included budgeting, networking, admin… but let’s skip those details.) It was fun but hard work! My team and I were chuffed when Shape Singapore won the Merit Award for Health / Fitness / Sports Media of the Year at the Media Publishers Association of Singapore Awards in early 2015.

Then in November 2015, I took the leap to become a free agent. Now I’m also a post-graduate student. When I’m not studying, you’ll find me at SP teaching minions students how to write, contributing to publications and websites like HerworldHungrygowhere, South China Morning Post and Curatedition, crafting digital content for brands, or blogging. (Or binge-watching Stranger Things Season 2.)

PS. I really like brackets (as you’ve probably noticed). I titled this post to make it search-friendly, but I prefer writing in first-person than third. Not trying to be pompous, I promise.

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[Photo of red hut by river: Yuling Li©]